Join me for: Christmas Come Early (or the Selfish SOB) MTB Trip to Moab

How’d you like to spend the week before Christmas riding your MTB in Moab?

Okay, so I had a crazy thought and phoned my friends Rod and Sonya who run a great photography business that includes tours to Moab.  I thought, Moab, I’d love to be in Moab – on a mountain bike!  They agreed, I’m crazy, but we crunched some numbers and we think we can do it – an early Christmas present if you can act fast.

December 16-23, 2016

REGISTER HERE! (scroll to the bottom of the page)

This is like a spiritual pilgrimage for me.  Like going to the home of mountain biking.  Connecting with creation and my bike – it’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity.  5 days of riding epic trails in Moab, unbelievable sights and opportunities to explore a natural playground.  Don’t worry if you’re not in top shape, we will tailor the tour to the group providing adequate challenge with loads of fun.

Fly down or join us in the Luxury Van for the long but comfortable drive.  We’ll transport your bike in a secure, enclosed trailer.  You’ll enjoy hotel accommodations that includes breakfast.  You also get the bonus of having award winning photographer Rod Braun to set us up in some beautiful locations where we can get some photos before or after we hit the trail.


Best thing is that this is a brand new tour location for me, and a new opportunity for Rod we are able to do this for just $1700!  Everything is included but your meals. We can even find you a bike to rent, if you need.  Ride with Coach Robb and get some great photos with Rod the pro.

I’m not a pressure guy, but we need to know if this tour is a go soon, so the deadline for registration and payment is December 2.  We only have room for 8 so when it’s full, it’s full.

If you’re still reading, head to and look up Christmas Come Early tour.  Some details will change since we’re looking for trails, not just photos.

More details? Leave a comment or send an email and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.


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