Prairie beauty on the trail

Went for a Sunday morning trail run in Rosenort MB a week ago.  It was the end of October and in Manitoba, we’re glad when this season has us still enjoying grass and moderate temperatures (-3C to 10C).  No snow or ice but the leaves are gone and you can see things that you forgot were there (through the 4 months of summer, they can be blocked from view!).

I took some pictures on the Rosenort trail while I ran because I wanted you to see some of the unique prairie beauty that is hidden when you only look from the highway or are stuck in the city (or you live near the ocean or mountains and can’t bring yourself to look for God’s beauty in the flatlands).

The trail starts at the arena (I picked it up near the main bridge in town) and ends at Pleasant Valley Road – 2.3km each direction.  It’s undulating, has a number of cute but very well built bridges, and it a real community gathering spot, though this morning I was on my own!

One of the many bridges on the trail - this one you go under.

One of the many bridges on the trail – this one you go under.

Rosenort Trail 2

You can see a faint white line on all the trees – this is the reminder of the last time this trail flooded. It feels a little bit like you’re running underwater!

Turn around point

This is the turnaround point at Pleasant Valley Road (starting point for some). The trail goes from here all the way to the arena.



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