Day 2 – Camping and hanging out at the beach

We had a great day between our rides that started with an anniversary breakfast at Pineridge Hollow.  Next we spent several hours at the beach – it was hot but the weather network had suggested rain and so it wasn’t very busy.  When the rain did come about supper time, we read and played in our tents until I got too hot and made supper

We got to the evening program at the campground, played “Tall Grass Prairie Trivia” and enjoyed some hot chocolate.  Then, we rode by bikelight and flashlight to our campsite and slept.  Our next morning would be early to get more riding done in the cool of the day.

Riding to the beach

Reading at the beach What fun!

My beautiful partner
Hulking 11 year old I am smiling What to do when it rains At the campground evening program OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Waiting for our hot chocolate Ready for sleep


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Camping and hanging out at the beach

  1. I loved reading this you guys! What an inspiration you are! Beautiful to see your family into something so healthy and fun!
    Love you guys!

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