First day of our road trip!

Our journey to the west coast started at noon and while I meant to head south through the International Peace Gardens but instead we found our way south into the US just past Morden. Our first rest stop came at Cando where people have a real “can-do” mentality. Lots of pretty houses and I’m quite sure that we were greeted by everyone we met – in the grocery store, on the street, even interrupting their own conversations to say hello.

Our camping spot came at Berthold. We pulled in looking for a school ground or park to camp when we found the campground. The campground was a gravel lot and we nearly left town but on a whim I stopped and asked a man in a golf cart. Now I was talking to a guy who gets things done in town! He directed us to a nice little picnic spot where we could camp for free. Later, as we set up camp, Steve (from across the street) came to introduce himself and make his home available to us should we need it.

Now there’s lots more we could say about North Dakota – the massive road construction and the race to extract oil from the earth and of course the villages of temporary housing. All this is very interesting but not nearly as special as the homegrown ND hospitality.

IPad Fun!20130808-183019.jpg

Searching for good breakfast20130806-121355.jpg

Free and beautiful campsite!20130806-121339.jpg20130806-121318.jpg


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