Our phobia of sprinklers

Our first night was in Lundbreck.  A small town with a bar, a gas station, a school and a trailer park.  There were also many homes in various conditions (some nice, some not-so-nice).  We searched the town (after an ice cream break) and found a nice grassy spot in front of the school.  As we set up our tents I noticed a small wheel in bedded in the ground and quickly realized that it was a sprinkler.

As I remember my own dad’s stories of bike tours I recalled one where he had set up and found that the sprinklers went off at about 4 AM.  I relayed this fear to my team but was assured that sprinklers don’t go off at 4 AM.  (Keep in mind, we were camping on the only green grass in the town).  Even the custodians at the school assured us that the sprinklers would only go off after the lawn boys did their work at about 11 AM.

Well, I was wrong.  The sprinklers didn’t go off at 4.  They went off at 3:20 and again at 4:20.  Fortunately we had spaced our tents equally from the sprinkler heads and stayed dry in our tents.  We’d also closed all our bags outside, just in case.  We had a good laugh about that in the morning.

Two days later, as we rode along the road, Theresa suddenly shouts out, “SPRINKLER!”  This alarm became our most feared and humorous call.


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