Saturday August 18

Cardston to Lethbridge
75.6 km

A big thank you to the Parr’s for helping get Jeff & Theresa’s car fixed while we were playing on our bikes. Such a great family (and we got some new cartoons – next week we’ll get them posted).

The ride from Cardston to Lethbridge was quick and downhill. Even with sore body parts and tired muscles, we cruised along enjoying wide Alberta shoulders and the wide open prairies. Only 24 hours earlier we’d been climbing an epic mountain pass.

The pancake breakfast didn’t start until 9 so we couldn’t wait around, too bad, that looked fun. So, after our night at the Flamingo we were on the closing ride.

Now as we drive to Saskatoon, we’re sleepy, sweaty, quiet & happy to be homeward bound. Can’t wait to give all my kids and dog a big squeeze.

Riding time: 3:03
56.7 km/h max
24.7 km/h ave
(Jeff and I unloaded the bikes at the giant Walmart and rode to Mike and Karen’s another 12.2km to get the car & trailer)


3 thoughts on “Saturday August 18

  1. Welcome home…. you look energized and happy, the stories are great!! You will always have the memories of a great time!!

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