Thursday August 16

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3:15 riding time
57.6 km/hr max
21.3 km/hr ave
362m climbing
Whitefish to Avalanche Campground in Glacier National Park (1052m)

The flat saga with Theresa continues. Spent 1 hour on the side of the road where we found that we had a tube that was the right size for Jeff’s bike, but not for Theresa’s. We’re also running her tire pressure a little lower. So far, so good. That hour would have felt nicer if we had been sipping milkshakes in the shade but we’ll enjoy the evening.

Also, tonight we’re camping with Stephan from Calgary. He’s about 4 days from finishing his 5 week tour. His tour is solo and I think he’s ready to be done.

We’re sipping wine and enjoying a spaghetti dinner together. One neat thing about joining up with another rider is seeing what essentials and luxury items they bring along. I may add a water carrier.


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