Friday August 17

Logan pass (Going to the Sun Highway)
2025 m summit
25.7 km
2:13 min
32.5 km/hr max
11.5 km/hr ave

The whole day: avalanche campsite in Glacier National Park to the Flamingo Hotel in Cardston AB

18.6 km/hr Ave
57 km/hr max
Riding time:
Flat total (all on Theresa’s bike): 14

Only one flat today, but it counts for 2. We’re not sure why the good folks at Jeff’s lbs (local bike shop) put different sized tires on Theresa’s bike from Jeff’s. This explains at least half our flats – using a wrong sized tube!

The day started early, 5:00 in total darkness. We packed, ate, and were on the road by 6:40am. We arrived at Logan Pass Summit at 10:00. I’m very proud of our team, they battled through the constant 6-7% grade. The descent was fun, fixed a flat, and arrived at St. Mary at noon.

We celebrated with a beautiful dinner at the Snowgoose Grill. Hamburgers, salad, wraps & Chicken breast burger were all delicious and well earned.

After a 2 hour break, we made our run for the border. Border crossing was no problem, we were well short of our $3200 limit.

At Carway (the border crossing) there is a duty free shop. We meant to fill out water bottles and cook supper but they had just run out of water in their well and their cistern. So, we bought bottled water and made out last push to Cardston where we are enjoying a night at the Flamingo Motel and looking forward to pancake breakfast in the morning (with the rest of the town).


5 thoughts on “Friday August 17

  1. Awesome job, u guys. Love getting the updates. What a way to viscerally connect with the country and nature. I’m sure it is also a real relationship builder pushing throught the adversity together and sharing the euphoria of conquering the steep climbs. May the peace and protection of Jesus be over and around u.


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