Wednesday August 15

88 km (49 mi)
506m ascending
6 flat tires (Theresa had all of them)
4:10 riding time
62 km/h max
21.1 km/h ave
eureka to Whitefish (939m)
$26 tenting spot
$50 new tire for Theresa.

Yes? So today’s theme was fixing flats on Theresa’s bike. We had made a decision to get up early 6:00, so that we could be on the road by 7:30 and avoid the heat of the day.

Everything was going according to plan when I left to bring back the key, take a picture of “Front Porch” (a cute coffee shop and business on Main Street Eureka) and upload the blog.

As I got back at 7:33 Jeff had Theresa’s bike already apart and was fixing the flat. The next time it flatted, we found a tiny little wire sticking out the side. Next it flatted just before we stopped to eat lunch at 11:10am.

So, we decided to get smart, we moved the back tire to the front to take some of the weight off the tire that seemed to be flatting. It took less than an hour for the next blowout (same tire, just now on the front), then one more when we were about 5 miles from Whitefish. The final flat came as we cruised to a stop outside Glacier Cycle.

The good folks there took such good care of us. Jeff and Theresa have matching jerseys now and a brand new tire to replace the one that kept flatting.

Tonight we feasted at Taco del Sol and enjoyed some Fat Tires. A sleep in tomorrow as we get ready for “Highway to the Sun.”


4 thoughts on “Wednesday August 15

  1. Your ride looks like at complete adventure I so would love to do that. Need a healed knee first. We’ll have to talk more when you guys get home. Safe trip

  2. Oh no, theresa what’s up with the flat tires? Wishing you a successful safe day today. As i clean my house, will have you
    in my prayers.

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