Tuesday August 14

3:30 riding time

71.5 km/h max
24.3 km/h average
91F in Eureka MT
784m elevation
Steepest climb 8%

Today was hot! We left Fernie at about 8:15 (had a McDonald’s breakfast so we could charge the Garmin). At Elko we enjoyed a break on some lovely wooden patio furniture that Jeff is now pulling behind him. Not really.

Then came the push to the border crossing at Roosville. Had our steepest climb at 8% (some parts were about 10%). And, just in time for the big climbs, we’re figuring out how to get our bike into the small chainring without it going into the bottom bracket (that’s a very bad thing).

Border crossing was uneventful and tonight we’re camping in downtown Eureka, down by the river.

Relaxed with good friends over supper.




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