Monday August 13

Hmm, using the iPod app for WordPress is mostly good, but I deleted yesterday’s post thinking if published it twice. Oops. Let me know what the blog looks like, I can make changes if necessary.

4:50 riding time
99 km
20.5 km/hr Ave
62 km/hr max
4:50 riding time

Started in Lundbreck AB
rode past Frank’s Slide
Had a&w in Blairemoref
Picked up groceries
Took pictures at the summit of the Crows Nest Pass (1396m elevation)
Had iced coffee in Sparwood BC
Finally arrived in Fernie at about 5:00.

A hard day but lots of breaks and snacks. What we learned today
– our little Sobey’s cooler bag works very well
– It’s no fun to ride in the hot of the sun.
– construction on the highway is hard on the nerves (but the workers are very helpful)
– you can squat on crown land for up to 2 weeks if your taxes are paid up.

Picture of Franks Slide:



5 thoughts on “Monday August 13

  1. When I started reading your sentence about squatting my mind immediately went to a different type of squatting . The ‘two weeks’ got me back on the right trail …… that seemed like an awfully long time to squat. Julia

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