Sunday August 12

115.8 km
Started in Lethbridge AB at the McDonalds on University Dr. Had a time of breakfast and prayer with our friends Mike & Karen and their 5 boys (Cody, josh, Austin, Logan & Zack). What a great time we had with them (and we have a lot of comics drawn by their boys).

I’m very proud of our little team today. We communicated well, rode cheerfully, and had lots of fun. Tonight we’re sleeping in front of the school on the nice grass, hoping that the sprinklers don’t automatically turn on while we’re sleeping.

According to our Garmin 305:
Lethbridge 1050m to Lundbreck 1200m
66.9km/h max speed
24km/h average
430m of ascending


6 thoughts on “Sunday August 12

  1. What a beautiful experience for you as a family; one which will shape so many wonderful things in your life’s journey!

    Peggy Jensen

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