Saying Goodbyes

Funny story: our kids of mud friends, the Ferguson’s, are taking care of Thando. They have 4 fabulous girls who are prepared to love on our very attention loving dog.

I got a 10:15pm call last night to explain that they had been able to retrieve the dog. He slipped out of his collar and bolted, so the Fergies were out with flashlights trying to catch the Houdini dog.

At some point Marie came in to phone us, “yes, you might need to come and call your dog, he won’t come to us.” Eventually they got their 5 year old out of bed and Thando came right to her.

We’re praying that this will have been the most exciting Thando adventure for them. THANKS FERGIES!

(here’s me and Thando enjoying some reading on the deck)



One thought on “Saying Goodbyes

  1. You’ll be happy to hear that he hasn’t run away today! He and Dock have started playing together; they behave like rowdy teenagers bouncing around the house. I will confess that the girls let him drink the milk leftover from their cereal!

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